Green Canyon Eco Art Resort

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November 4, 2017 by bhunch

It’s been a while since we did staycation and glad to finally found time and new place to explore. Green Canyon Eco Art Resort is located at Bamban, Tarlac. It’s a combination of relaxation + art + food.

To maximize our visit up north we  did a food crawl in Pampanga. You can read more about our food crawl here.

From Bocaue Exit you can reach the resort for approximately 1hour and 15mins. It is waze-able as well. You need a private car in order to reach the resort – parking space is wide enough to accommodate guests. No public transportation near the area. See guide below.

Bocaue to Green Canyon.jpg

The hotel from outside


Beautiful facade will welcome you before proceeding to the check-in counter. IMG_0019[1]IMG_0017[1]IMG_9879

There are various wood art displays in the welcome area.

We stayed in their deluxe room good for 4persons with 2 queen size bed. the room is spacious and the displays and furniture are still artsy. Inside the room is a mini ref with free 4 bottle water. there’s free tea and coffee as well.

They have 2 swimming pools to experience, first is the symphony pool which is located beside the restaurant Palette. and the second is the wave pool which is located at the other side of their hanging bridge.


Symphony Pool depth from 3ft up to 4ft. Opens 8AM up to 8PM


enjoying the pool 🙂 


Bridge going to the wave pool. Bridge opens 7AM – 5PM


Wave Pool. Enjoying it all by myself. with depth of 4ft up to 7ft. Opens 8AM – 5PM only

Befor they used to have bikes free for guests and ATV for rental but need to pull-out by Management for maintenance.

They also offer day tour for a reasonable price. You may visit their website to inquire.

Overall we stayed our relaxing and artsy stay in the resort.

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