The Most Improved Matabungkay Beach Hotel


December 28, 2016 by bhunch

It’s the time of the year that we need to do a compulsory trip (but always happy to be with them, hahaha) with our friends Angelo and Abi since Angelo and my husband Jomz is celebrating their birthday on the same day.

Our supposed schedule was to go straight to Puerto Galera but due to Signal No. 2 Typhoon in Mindoro (so sad we are not updated on what’s happening around us) we we’re not able to take the Roro on that day, that’s why we reroute to nearby hotel so on the next day we can try to go to Port again in case weather will be good 🙂

We found Matabungkay Beach Hotel in Lian, Batangas. At first Jomz has hesitations because he visited the same hotel few years back and he didn’t enjoyed their stay but because of my good convincing power, i was able to switch his decision, hahaha.

From Port the Hotel is roughly 2hours away so we decided to have breakfast at a Food stall nearby

We arrived at the Hotel around 1:45PM. Just in time for check-in. You will welcome by their big tree with Christmas lights.


The Receptionist were very attentive and fast. Less than 5 mins in the lobby and we were escorted by the Attendant in our room. Hhmmmm. Impressive

Tadaaaaaa…. Here’s our room. For 5,000.00 per night good for 4pax with free breakfast 🙂

We were so happy that the room was so spacious and we love each and every detail of it. Sometimes, shit happens and it’s okay 🙂

Here are the amenities as well :

Fun, fun, fun.

Take note that no restaurants outside the resort, we ate at 7 11 and Burger because we don’t have enough budget to have dinner inside the resort (hehehe)

On the next day we had our free breakfast and it was sumptuous. Sorry i wasn’t able to take picture since we are in a hurry so we can make it to our original destination, Puerto Galera.

Overall, we love the place. Improved a lot. Attendants are prompt. Honestly, we are happy that we got stranded  in 1 day 🙂 The place gave us much relaxation. Love, love, love for this place.

Here’s our Itinerary and expenses for this day:


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