DIY Puerto Galera Day 1

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December 28, 2016 by bhunch

Yehey, the sun is up so it means we can make it to the Roro.

We had our quick breakfast in Matabungkay Beach (see my previous post) and rushed to the Port. We made it to 10:20AM trip via Father ‘n Son Lines. See their trip schedule here. We paid 500.00 for a round trip fare.


We made it! Ngiti ng tagumpay.

We arrived at White Beach around 12:00NN and go straight to our Hotel White Beach Hotel and Restaurant (take note, this is different from White beach Hotel, though similar owner). We booked the room for 3 nights but since we didnt make it to our first night and we are not allowed to refund we claimed the supposed free breakfast as our lunch (hehe, little savings).


beachfront hotel

The amenities of the room is very basic plus the fact that there is construction in the hotel for expansion, so it’s chaotic. I honestly don’t suggest this hotel. Room is very small and tv is very old school. The only good thing here is they are a beachfront hotel, but if you can find another beachfront, please do.

We rested a bit and at 3PM enjoyed the beach itself.

We didn’t avail their water rides as it’s not on our budget but here are the rates, almost the same with Boracay 🙂 up to you to try it, but we saw groups who tried and it seems they enjoyed the rides.


We washed up and prepare to go out again for dinner. In all fairness, foods in Puerto Galera is affordable. after walking in the whole strip of the beach we decided to dine at FoodTrip (beside our Hotel) hahahaha. after almost 20 mins of long walk.


We availed See Food + ordered ala carte of Sinigang na Baboy


dinner is ready



Our dinner is decent for its price P550.00.

After dinner we watched the fire dancers and other performers on the nearby bar (literaly, we just watched since we don’t want to drink in preparation for Island Hopping on the next day).

At 9PM. After eating 1Pint of ice cream each, we call it a night.

Here’s our expenses for the day:


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