Unlimited Samgyeopsal

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October 10, 2016 by bhunch

It’s friday and let’s make it a friyaaaay!

My bestfriend Desiree asked me out to drink and eat and i’m craving for a korean dish that night. So i brought her in one of the korean resto 2mins walk away from our home.

Located at Remedios Malate,Manila. We dined at Donchon and availed their unlimited samgyeopsal for 399/head unclusive of rice, 1 boiling egg soup, 1 hot and sour soup and alot of freebies. I love their sweet potato by the way 🙂

To complete our korean experience we ordered soju (korean alcoholic drink) for 200.00 only.

We stayed at the restaurant for 3hours to maximize the unlimited samgyeopsal. Hahaha. We ate total of 10 samgyeopsal and 3 orders of sweet potato as our desser.

Restaurant is open everyday 7pm until 4am.

We enjoyed our experience.value for money and accessibility indeed.

Until our next friday eat and drink until you drop moment 🙂

super affordable


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