Sagada 3Days Itinerary (Day 3: Kiltepan Peak + Baguio)

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March 27, 2016 by bhunch

As mentioned I’m an avid fan of “That thing called Tadhana” Movie. So i want to go to Kiltepan Peak eventhough it requires an early wake up call. We woke up 4AM and meet our tour guide 430AM so we can find a better spot in the peak. We waited until 6am but unfortunately we didn’t saw the sea of clouds because of too much fog. Best month to go there is summer months (March-May).






We left there around 630AM and ate lunch at Sagada Brew. After we had our breakfast, we shop for pasalubong, as usual t-shirts, ref magnet and their famous red rice cost 120php/kilo. Then we grab the opportunity to eat snacks at Yogurt House. We left Sagada 11AM because we will dropby Baguio to check Cemetery of Negativism.

We stopped at Strawberry Farm to buy some greens around 4PM (lettuce, brocolli – for a cheap price). — So love it that we own our time and we can do whatever we want.


Then from there went to Cemetery of Negativism to bury all the negativism i feel, hahaha. emo. Unfortunately it is under renovation. So i took photos from afar. There’s an entrance fee of 100php by the way just incase you want to visit sometime. As of writing renovation is done.


Then since we don’t have lunch yet, we ate at Cafe by the Ruins (haha, following the “Tadhana” Movie again. restaurant is quite pricey but worth the try. We spent 350phph/head. We saved alot in Sagada but spent here our excess. hahaha. Offsetting.


We left Baguio around 7PM and arrived Manila by 12MN.

It was indeed a cheap yet exciting road trip with friends. The more, the merrier. The more the cheaper, indeed!

Hope you enjoyed reading our Sagada trip. And i hope through my writing we allow you to experience Sagada too.

Here’s the itinerary + expenses for this day.

Day 3

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