Sagada 3Days Itinerary (Day 2: Bomod-ok Falls + Connecting Cave)

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March 27, 2016 by bhunch

And the sun rise again! We woke up 6AM to prepare and instead of eating breakfast outside we just ate the loaf bread we took out from log cabin. What a way to save ha. hehehe.

We head again to the tourist Information Center (pls note that we booked our trip 1day prior – to avoid inconvenience). The way to Bomod-ok falls is not easy. It requires a 3hours walk back and forth but I can say that the 3hours is worth it. Our eyes were amazed of Gods creations. We started our trip at 8AM and ended at 11AM. The water at the falls is sooo cold that my hubby can’t afford to swim. But me and my friends didn’t waste any opportunity ofcourse. There’s alot of stores along the way so you can rest from time to time and grab some sweets to energize!

Enjoy the pictures.


3hours walk is worth it


my favorite flower, sunflower. if only i can’t plant you in Manila



captivating view


freezing cold.

After Bomod-ok falls, we were so hungry and went to Bana’s Café. We had lunch and made sure that we were full because we will be doing the Connecting Cave (4hours caving) with bangin. Connecting Cave is more dangerous than Sumaguing Cave. And Sumaguing Cave is cheaper and shorter than 2hours. Connecting Cave is dangerous but exciting! Dangerous but breath taking. Literally breath taking that you need to do caving without safety gears. You just have to bring more faith and more prayers with you. People afraid of heights need to think twice if they will do this trip. Goodluck.DSCF0490DSCF0492




After a tyring and life thrilling Connecting Cave, we went back to our hotel and wash up. Then we looked for a place to eat for dinner, but in shocked because all resto are fully booked and some closed early due to out of stock (tsk tsk, wrong forecasting). So we ended up eating at Ganduyan Taste. And had one bottle/ glass at Kimchi Restaurant.


And everyone call it a night.

Here’s todays itinerary and actual expenses:

Day 2

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