Sagada 3Days Itinerary: Where to Eat?

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March 26, 2016 by bhunch

It’s cold in Sagada and what best to do is to eat, eat, eat and drink πŸ™‚

So, where did we eat?

  1. Salt & Pepper: We had lunch on our first day. Generous serving of food and fast service even though they are full. What i love is their cake. Please don’t order milkshake na. We spent 300/head but take note we ordered milkshake and cake. So for aa regular meal you will spend 200/head. Not bad. Will give this a rating of 4stars.

    2. Log Cabin: Dinner on our first night. Ooohhhh mmmmmyyyy goooddddd. This is the best. though you need to reserve ahead and pay upon arrival at Sagada since the restaurant is fully booked. this is so worth it. Buffet for 390/head. take note that we were able to take-out a loaf of bread. hehe. Will give this a rating of 5stars. Superb. Approved!



    3. Bana’s Cafe: On our 2nd day we had lunch here. Almost same with Salt and Pepper but kinda slow in service. We spent 226/head. With one milkshake. Will give a rating of 3.5stars


    4. Ganduyan Taste: Sagada is fully booked that night and most resto closed early due to run out of stock. so we ended up eating at Ganduyan Taste. Its a carinderia type resto but cooked upon order. We spent 213/head and we had 2-3 viands (ulam)Will give this a rating of 4stars because of affordability.


    5. Kimchi Restaurant: This is where we extend our night. The owner gave us complimentary mixed veggi for pulutan. We spent 90php/head. So why not give it a rating of 5 stars.


    6. Sagada brew: We had a quick and very affordable breakfast here. Service is fast. And staff are very accomodating. We spent 110php/head for a sumptuous breakfast. This deserve a 4star rating. P.S. I really don’t know why but they always served 2eggs (maybe eggs in Sagada is cheap) And i love how they serve coffee with milk oon the side.


    7. Yogurt House: A quick snack before we go back to Manila. Refreshing yogurt with the right sour. Spent 67.50php/head. hehehe. sorry as we are a budgetarian πŸ™‚ Giving this a 5star rating because of freshness.


    mouth watering yogurt + brownies. how can i say no.


    yogurt house menu


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