Sagada 3Days Itinerary (Day 1:Land Tour)

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March 25, 2016 by bhunch

Sagada! Sagada! Sagada! It’s been in my bucket list since I watched the movie “Tadhana”. Yap. I’m a big fan of that movie. So, me and my friends decided to celebrate our partners birthday at Sagada.

How to get there?

For commuters: Ride a Victory Liner bus going to Baguio (6hours ride) and from there ride another bus going to Sagada (for another 6hours). goodluck.

For those who will bring their cars: simply follow waze 🙂 Not kidding. Because waze brought us to Sagada. Yes, you read it right, even a sedan type of car can go up to Sagada (like what we did). For your own convenience and phase.

In this trip i am with my forever partner Jomz, with our 3 friends Abi, Angelo (partners and weve’d been travelling together couple of times) and Mhelvil (our long lost friend who love luxurious travel – goodluck girl.) – they are all my high school friends.

We met Friday night, 10PM @ UN LRT Station and start our trip to Baguio – since our first plan is to leave our car to Baguio and ride a bus to Sagada (since we thought our car won’t make it there). We had a quick stop over at KFC Nlex for a dinner and continue our trip again, with my hubby as our driver. We arrived at Baguio around 5AM. 7Hour trip including our stop-over and traffic in Balintawak.

Upon arrival in the Bus terminal of Sagada, we asked the Security Guard where to buy our ticket. And he’s the one who suggested to bring our car up to Sagada, and even asked fellows there and they said we can bring our car up there (btw our car is Mitsubishi Mirage G4). So with confidence we drove up to Sagada.

It is indeed a roller coaster ride and I can’t afford to take a picture. our first stop over is at the Highest Point. Where we took some rest and grab a quick snack – price is affordable, so do not worry. DSCF0310

After that 20-mins break we drove again up more. we arrived at Sagada around 1230NN. Upon arrival we paid 35php/head environmental fee. Then proceed to the Sagada Municipal Tourist Information Center to book our first trip. – Land tour (Church, Hangging Coffin, Pottery House, Ganduyam Museum, Lake Danum) for 1,400 for all of us.

But before we started our tour we head first to our hotel Igorot Inn. And decided to had lunch in Salt & Pepper. Then head again to the Information Center to start our trip.

Our first stop is the hanging coffin which requires you to walk for 30mins.


Where you can find coffins hanging. Obviously. Nice to see and nice to know their old culture.

then after that we went to Ganduyan Museum to know more about their culture. Sorry no picture taking allowed. So i take a pic of the outside. By the way, the caretaker was able to explain each item effectively, meaning they made us listen for 30mins. – so please donate generous amount.


Next stop is the weaving area. Sad because there is no display of their items, so you can’t buy and they won’t allow you to try it yourself. inshort, you;ll go there just to watch them.


Next is the Pottery. Here they will demonstrate how to do the pots and you can try it yourself too but need to pay 100php. Sad part here is you can’t bring what you made because it needs certain number of days to be dry. So it’s the experience that you will pay 🙂

On to our last stop, the Lake Danum. We need to hurry in order to catch the sunset. It may look simple in actual but when you start shooting, shots are so lovely.

What a day. We ended our tour at 630PM. A 4 hour land tour is not bad at all. After our tour we head back to our hotel to have some rest and wash up before heading to dinner. We reserved in Log Cabin. Buffet for 390.00 per head. And after our dinner we went straight to the hotel and rest. for tomorrow, another adventure awaits.

For today’s itinerary and expenses:

Day 1

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