Sev’s Cafe (food + ideas)

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July 22, 2015 by bhunch

Located at the Basement of Legaspi Tower, Vito Cruz (near Village Square of Harrison Plaza).

20150721_170058[1]I’m not familiar with this place and knew it only because of open poetry. The cafe is owned by Howie Severino (gma7 reporter).


hope i can also do open poetry ๐Ÿ™‚ i’ll try, someday

After our Boracay trip me and my husband decided to have some coffee near our area, and curious about Sev’s Cafe because of Jose Miguel Severo open poetry presentation, we decided to dine.

Okay, so here’s my verdict.

Menu is quite small. Price is fair.


20150721_170340[1]food is just okay. straight up i guess. what you ordered is what you get. we ordered 1 banana smoothie (100php), 1 cold ginger coffee (100php), 1 bad boy burger (150php) and 1 tuna melt(150php). Total of 500php. no service charge. What i loved is that every sandwich order comes with a fries.


the one in the jar is the ginger coffee and the other one is the banana smoothie


bad boy burger


tuna melt. century tuna. nothing special.

Ambiance is very good. that’s the only thing me and my hubby loved ๐Ÿ™‚

Service sucks, sorry for the term but it really sucks. i forgot the name of our girl server but she’s so loud. ย When we requested for a catsup damn, out of stock. They didn’t even bother to buy. and we dined 5pm so they’ll be needing it until 9pm pa and take note they have their 7pm ballroom event, goodluck to those who will dine next.

We dined on a tuesday so they have their ballroom event. Here’s the daily event they have (starts at 7pm onwards)

Mondays: music night

Tuesdays: ballroom

Wednesdays: music night

Thursdays: music night

Fridays: Juan Miguel Severo poetry presentation (with 150php entrance and free 1 drink)

Saturdays: open poetry (you can present, if you want)

their tagline is food + ideas. food is so so, but ideas maybe, depends on who will perform ๐Ÿ™‚

worth a repeat visit? no, not really..

Honestly, never again!


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