Bacolod , Guimaras, Iloilo Trip (Bacolod – D.I.Y Land Tours and The Ruins)


December 1, 2014 by bhunch

Hitting 3 destinations in one go! This is a 5-days trip so this is absolutely exciting 🙂

We booked this trip together with our friends and their friends (gets nyo?) to celebrate my  hubby birthday and Angelo’s (our friend). enough for all those friend friend,.

We arrived at Iloilo International Airport at 5:20AM then we take a cab going to Iloilo Domestic Port. Cab rate is 400php and not too much for 30mins drive.

QUICK TRIVIA: As of this writing, Mcdonalds has only 5branches in Iloilo City (sorry, didn’t get the branch locations but one is Jaro ofcourse 🙂

From Domestic Port we bought ferry ticket from Supercat and waited for their 7AM trip. Its more or less 1hour and 20mins travel time.


We arrived Bacolod Port at around 8:20AM.

NOTE: Me and My hubby will do the bacolod land tour just the 2 of us because we get the earlier flight.

AS usual upon arrival there’s alot of cab offering their service, we almost get them luckily we saw this pedicab driver who offered us a ride to Pope John Paul Tower, Negros Museum, Bacolod Cathedral and Manokan Country. Actually, all places are close to each other but 80php for my hubby and me is super convenient since we still have our things with us.

Kuya as our service, so cool!!

Kuya as our service, so cool!!

We first go to Pope John Paul Tower to take a pic then drop at Cathedral of Bacolod to pray and give thanks. We went to Negros Museum but we didn’t bother to get inside because of the 100php entrance fee. you’re reading it right. this is the most expensive museum i ever one so far (though didn’t get inside). Jomz told me, mabulaklak siguro ang history ng Negros 🙂 haha, kahit na ba.


this place is good at night because lighted





Cathedral of Bacolod


So with excitement we went to Manokan Country to have our lunch. We both have the Native Chicken inasal (120/pc) but so big in size and in taste.

DSCF4700 DSCF4706

the menu, ofcourse puro chicken kaya nga manokan country eh.

the menu, of course puro chicken kaya nga manokan country eh.

After that of course we can’t skip Calea, the famous pastry place in Bacolod. We tried their Chocolate Mousse and had coffee too. (sorry half na yun cake, can’t control eh.)


From Calea we rode a cab going to The Ruins in Talisay, cab is advisable since Talisay is 30-40mins ride too. we paid 300.

Entrance is 95 per head, but its worth it, the place is so enchanting. if only i can post here all the pics we have in The Ruins, why not.

DSCF4745 DSCF4743 DSCF4734 DSCF4730



they got this award from trip advisor. congrats!

okay, next stop is Mambukal Resort, but before that here’s our expenses for the day:

day 1 expenses

See other places we visited during this trip:

Bacolod , Guimaras, Iloilo Trip (Bacolod – Mambukal Resort)



4 thoughts on “Bacolod , Guimaras, Iloilo Trip (Bacolod – D.I.Y Land Tours and The Ruins)

  1. Michael says:

    Those ruins really are pretty. O_O Would love to check them out sometime when we visit.Thanks for writing about this!


  2. Jov says:

    How many hours did it take you to tour all the museums and the churches?


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