Cebu Experience: Day 2 – Kawasan Falls

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October 10, 2014 by bhunch

Bhunch on the go

After 4 hours Moalboal island hopping we fix ourselves and check out to the Barefoot White Beach Resort. We rode a tricycle going back to the highway (cost 150php) then from highway we rode a bus going to Kawasan Falls (20php per head) for less than 30mins ride.

We dropped by at the Kawasan Fascade, omg, we need to walk 1.5KM


Its a less than 20mins walk going to the falls, entrance fee is 10php per head. But it’s worth it.


Rent of table is 300php, balsa is 500php (quite expensive but still its the experience). Then 70php tip for the guy who assisted us in our trip.


Water is clearer here than in Tumalog falls. Still cold and relaxing, but here the water is more forceful and you can’t stay long there because there’s next in line. hehe..

In addition, there’s 2 falls here, the mild falls that is…

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