Cebu Experience: Ate Veny’s Homestay

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October 10, 2014 by bhunch

Bhunch on the go

Since we read alot about Ate Veny we decided to stay in their homestay. Their homestay is called Chateau Tan-awan.

For us this place is a “Home away from home”.

We are in a big house with different rooms. A big sala (ofcourse nakakahiyang gamitin) and a big kitchen with ref and food stuff which we can get and list in her mini paper.

Here’s my list why I liked this homestay and Ate Veny:

1. We arrived late (11:30PM) yet Ate Veny waited for us

2. Their kitchen is an open kitchen where you can get the food in their ref and list it in their mini pad paper. Just like an honest store, cool 🙂 coz we are honest!

3. Ate Veny is so kind that she arranged our Sumilon Trip, our Heritage Tour and Tumalog Falls.

4. Ate Veny’s care is like a mother, she always remind…

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