Our E- Session

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September 8, 2014 by bhunch

We are very much excited for our e-session, maybe because we love camera and we have great photographer and hmua 🙂 hihihi! so excited!

We did our E-Session at La Mesa Ecopark. One because its free, you just need to pay entrance fee and second because there’s a lot of nice scenery there!

Our call time is 7am, and omg! we are so late,. we woke up 6:50am, and we left home at 7am, thus, we are late 1 hour. so sorry to our make-up artist but she managed to fix everything for us 🙂 and she made us feel nothing to worry about it.

Let’s get started!

make-up time

make-up time

While doing my make-up Phatfoto shot first our small details.

JxG-3-494x328IMG_20130320_001758Our first look is the cool bohemian style using our couple shirts.

kulitan sessions. enjoying the shoot and being creative.

kulitan sessions. enjoying the shoot and being creative.

my diy iloveyou tag

my diy iloveyou tag

Next is our vintage look (my favorite), here i can show my talent, haha!

JxG-9-494x370 JxG-8-494x329JxG-33-494x328 JxG-28-494x370

Then our last attire to use for underwater.

JxG-1-494x370PHATFOTO-PRENUP-JOMZGELLEN-0319And now, let’s deep to the pool


Then after that we made our last and fast shoot (ayaw papigil ng photographer namin, which is very very good-btw, we packed up at 5PM, its an 8hour shoot + 1hour break )

JxG-19-494x328  JxG-18-328x494The experience + the place + the people we worked with is indeed 5 stars!!!

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