Our Hair and Make-up Artist

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September 4, 2014 by bhunch

When we finally decided to get married we have some stuff that are non negotiable. Meaning, its a MUST! WE NEED IT! ITS A PRIORITY! and this includes my HMUA, ofcourse for me to stay beautiful in our wedding day.

We heard nothing but beautiful things about Ms. Berny Tia and i love her style that’s why we immediately booked her even without attending to her trial make-up (we’ll just use it for our engagement session).

We avail of her airbrush package: 12,500 includes airbrush for bride, groom and + 2pax. and since we used the free trial make-up in our e-session we add 1,500. total of 14,000.00 (but i believed she increased her price na, don’t know how much lang)

Why we love Ms. Berny:

1. They are ahead of time (8AM is our call time but they arrived 7:40AM)

2. She reminds us to be relaxed all the time. that gentle reminder means so much.

3. She knows what she’s doing and she loves it! that’s why it reflects to her work.

4. She didn’t charge my 2nd look na 🙂 yehey! saved 1,500.00

5. And most important, she made me beautiful in my special day!!!

and let my pics below tell more stories and show her genuine works,..

btw, you may contact Ms. Berny Tia at 0917-9039107.

let's do it! nervous yet excited.

let’s do it! nervous yet excited.

i'm feeling the airbrush.

i’m feeling the airbrush.

my hair during wedding ceremony, simple yet classy.

my hair during wedding ceremony, simple yet classy.

let's put the lipstick on.

let’s put the lipstick on.

done with my first look

done with my first look


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