Our Wedding Videographer

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August 2, 2014 by bhunch

Yes we are planning our wedding but aside from us we have friends who also helps us in our planning and finding cheaper suppliers.

Getting a videographer is our very least priority, because of our tight budget and maybe because we know we have a good photographer 🙂

But luckily, so lucky to know that our friend John have friends who are starting their video company but already a Senior Editor in Black Tie Project, a well known expensive videographer.  I bumped with them in Greenbelt 2 and while drinking I negotiate with them and got a very good price… guess how much???

Its 15,000.00 only!!! 3 videographers with 5mins same day edit and 20mins highlight video. Imagine! If we will get that with others it might cost 40,000. a big savings. that’s why we immediately said YES!

Name of their group is Studio Animo.

We love them so much because they are so cheap, so pro, so happy to work with, and their works, so so so MAGALING. They are perfect! Perfectly fit for us.

See our wedding SDE here.

We gave them a rate of 5 stars 🙂

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