Cagbalete Trip Day 1 of Day 2


August 1, 2014 by bhunch

July 17-18, 2014 when Typhoon Glenda strike the Philippines. Quezon Province was one of the most affected area experienced signal No. 3 for 2 days. After Typhoon Glenda another Typhoon named Henry was expected to land in PAR (Philippine Area of Responsibility) soonest.

But!!! that won’t stop us to celebrate our 1st year Wedding Anniversary. Time flies so fast and wasn’t able to notice it.

Jomz and I are surrounded by cool and young friends who loves us till bits that’s why we decided to celebrate our day with them πŸ™‚

July 19-20 is our scheduled trip. We are 7 in a group and we all met at Mcdo Buendia at exactly 1:45AM to catch up the 2AM first trip.

Please check our How to go to article for trip and fare details.

The Jac Liner bus left at exactly 2AM and arrived at Lucena Grand Terminal at 5AM.

We walked a bit and rode a minibus, minibus left at 5:15AM and arrived at Mauban Quezon by 7AM. We ate our breakfast in one of the carinderia there and walk to port.

DSCF2634 We decided to rent a private boat since there’s no tourist in the port aside from us (sana in the beach din!).We paid 2,500php for the boat plus the terminal fee of 40php and environmental fee of 30php.

Its a 1hour boat ride before reaching Villa Cleofas Resort. Our chosen resort. They are just cleaning our room when we arrived because they really didn’t expect we will push thru with our trip because of the typhoon. But it’s okay. We explored the place first and enjoy!

excited :)

excited πŸ™‚

DSCF2647We cooked our things and prepared our lunch. At 1PM we did our island hopping (yang-in and bonsai island). Island hopping cost 1000php per boat.

DSCF2672Yang-in is a place in the middle of the beach but water is so “mababaw”. But, unfortunately didn’t enjoyed the water because there’s a lot of BIG BIG Jelly Fish.

yang-in island

yang-in island

BIG BIG Jelly Fish, i mean it.

BIG BIG Jelly Fish, i mean it.

So we immediately transferred to another island where there’s a lot of rock formations. (we enjoyed here more than in yang-in)

my bro. cya daw si tata lino.

my bro. cya daw si tata lino.

ito naman si tito lino. haha. ang kulit nila.

ito naman si tito lino. haha. ang kulit nila.

We did a lot of walking here, picture taking and our favorite part is the buko eating drinking pala πŸ™‚ We got our free buko from our boatmen because he owns one of the houses in that area (sorry, i forgot the name of area).



DSCF2770 DSCF2780


DSCF2735After the 3 hours island hopping our boatmen drop us at the bonsai island (carrying our take out bukos)haha. Where from that island we can just walk going to our resort.

DSCF2786 DSCF2784Then since its low tide we make it sulit to take a lot of pictures.

ghello in his underwater shot.

ghello in his underwater shot.

the famous sand ripples

the famous sand ripples



the duyan that seems i owned during our trip

the duyan that seems i owned during our trip

the shot ghello did. effect effect.

the shot ghello did for us. effect effect.

Tyring day,…

We went back to our cottage tired and prepared for our dinner. haha. We played our usual “bobo game” and drink some hards and call it a day πŸ™‚

good night everyone.

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