Villa Escudero Day Trip


July 11, 2014 by bhunch

The best way to end a blessed year is to have a day trip 🙂 yah right a day trip. We can’t afford to take our leave since nothing left for 2012. haha. so absent na lang. sorry boss:)


Go to Buendia Bus Terminal

Ride Jac Liner Bus (approx 2hours travel – 200php fare)

Tell the conductor to drop you at the Tiaong Boundary (right after the big Arch)

Ride tricycle going to the Resort (10mins -20php)

Then o la! you’ll reach the beautiful Villa Escudero Coconut Plantation and Resort

Weekday rates is cheaper than weekend rates, dahil nagtitipid we went on a weekday 🙂

Day Tour Packages

    • Mondays to Thursday

Adults : P1,250
Half rate : P625 (Children below 4 feet)

    • Fridays to Sundays & Holidays

Adults : P1,400
Half rate : P700 (Children below 4 feet)

Inclusions: Welcome drink, carabao cart rides, use of out door recreational facilities and lunch at the waterfalls.Cultural Show at 2:00 – 3:15pm on Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays & Holidays.

We left Manila at 6AM para sulit!

Here’s the arch (when you saw this you should get off the bus)DSCF7440Since going inside is still 1KM we waited for tricycle to arrive. DSCF7438Here’s our pass and our welcome drink


They have this very cool receiving/souvenir area where you can already feel the “probinsya” life.DSCF7447DSCF7723After registration we walked a bit where our Carabao “Mutya” is waiting. Not your ordinary carabao ride because staffs are serenading you. so sweet.( I borrowed their guitar for photo opt but don’t know how to play with it)DSCF7471 DSCF7476We visited the Pink Church and Museum (but no camera allowed inside, sorry)DSCF7457After that, we checked the restaurant and ordered light breakfast because we want to “sulit” our buffet lunch later, hehe.DSCF7521Food is so, so, not so. Maybe because not their expertise (and not their real offering, just add ons) – 120php for the sandwich w/ chips and 80php for the friesDSCF7532DSCF7530DSCF7529After resting a bit we started to enjoy the pool and the jacuzzi. We arrived early that’s why we were able to use the facilities so much.DSCF7563DSCF7573 DSCF7552

DSCF7572Okay, after the super duper enjoyed swimming we went to the highlight of the place, the buffet and falls area. We arrived early than the others (kaya nasolo namin and was able to take pic na walang bomber). Saya saya 🙂 DSCF7727 DSCF7611DSCF7605 DSCF7629DSCF7648 DSCF7639 DSCF7673 DSCF7665 DSCF7593We enjoyed the food. 8 out of 10 🙂 we rested a while then we tried the next activity, the balsa ride. This is not included in the package, rate is 300php but worth to do since so relaxing and pampababa ng kinain. Take note: 300php is unli use na 🙂DSCF7499 DSCF7701After that we bought a frap in the big restaurant to beat the afternoon heat. (90php)DSCF7707We washed up and change clothes. We had a quick drop at the Church where they held their weddings. DSCF7731DSCF7734Here’s the resort map for your guidance 🙂 DSCF7450Then we waited for their shuttle going outside the resort.Its a fun filled and relaxing day with my bhunch. We need to be relaxed because we will be stressed with 2013 because of our wedding preps.

We went home with a relax mind and love filled heart.

TOTAL EXPENSES                 1pax         2pax

House to Buendia                  8php        16php

Buendia to Villa Escudero    200php      400php

Tricycle                               20php        20php

Fries and sandwich             200php      200php

Balsa ride                          300php      300php

Frap Drink                           90php       90php

Villa Escudero to Buendia    200php      400php

Merienda                           300php      300php

Buendia to Home                  8php         16php

Day tour rate                  1250php     2500php

TOTAL                                            4,242php

Cheap day trip but very relaxing.

Good night guys, need to work for tom. Back to reality of life!


29 thoughts on “Villa Escudero Day Trip

  1. Joe says:

    Hi po. 🙂
    Very impormative po itong blog nyo. thanks 🙂
    God Bless.


  2. Karen says:

    Greetings. May i ask, the last bus from the villa to manila is at what time? Thank u…


    • bhunch says:

      hi karen,

      Best that you leave Villa Escudero 5PM latest 6PM especially if Sunday because its hard to ride bus by then since most Laguna peeps return to Manila for Monday work or school. Hope that helps.

      have a safe trip!


  3. Anne says:

    Hi! Just want to ask where did you get the ride back to Manila? Did you go to a terminal station or just waited for the bus?



  4. bhunch says:

    Hi ,we just waited for the bus. From Villa Escudero we rode a tricycle going out (highway) then bus will pass by there 🙂 have a safe trip!


  5. Latta says:

    Can you get tickets as you get in at the entrance or do you have to make reservation beforehand online?


  6. bhunch says:

    hi there. you can get tickets there and no need for online reservation (for weekdays) for weekends, best to have online reservation so you can avoid long lines, if any 🙂 enjoy!


  7. Nana says:

    Very informative! Hi I’m from Cebu and I’m planning to be there on December. Wala ba silang van that can pick you up from your hotel to Villa Escudero?


  8. Hi, Thanks for all that info, I’m traveling from California and want to budget my trip as much as possible, how did you get back to Manila? I’m taking my family, i just want to have as much information as possible, thanks!


    • bhunch says:

      Hi there, happy to help. question is how large your family is? best is to rent a car (i can help you with that also if you want since we have contacts already). but in case you want to commute you can take a bus from outside of Villa Escudero that is bound to Buendia Taft. Bus interval is 15-20mins depends on how traffic is in Manila.

      But for a hussle free trip best to rent a car. let me know if you are interested.


  9. marzs says:

    Hi, just want to ask if you did a reservation? or walk in?


  10. hi. its walk-in. thanks 🙂


  11. Bing says:

    I like ur blog since it’s very detailed, informative & straightforward. Keep it up.

    Liked by 1 person

  12. Dolly Peterson says:

    Hi…ask ko lng po ,doon pa rin ba sa Buendia Ang sakayan papuntang Villa Escudero? Same bus company Jac Liner? Kasi po luma na ata yong blog nyo July 2014…Baka lng po may pagbabago…planning to go there on November 29, 2016…..thank you po


  13. Robert Sanchez says:

    I just want to as if the Jac Liner in cubao has the same routes going to Villa Escudero? Also what signboard it is? Thank you!


  14. Spot on with this posts. I had to take a break from cleaning the kitchen to write your page. You have made my day!


  15. Jesse Grillo says:

    You should be thanked more often. This is so helpful! Our community is better because you are in it.


  16. Sara says:

    please , when I go back Manila where can I wait the bus?same point drop?


    • bhunch says:

      Hi, sorry for late reply. Inside villa escudero there’s terminal of tricycle. The tricycle can bring you to the main road for minimal fee. To the main road there are bus passing buy going to Pasay Buendia. Enjoy 🙂


  17. Where can you leave your stuff while strolling around? Thanks!


    • bhunch says:

      hi, you need to bring all your stuff all throughout the day. they don’t have locker when we visited 2012. Not sure now though. Hope my reply still helps. sorry,


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