Cebu Experience: Day 1- Oslob Whaleshark Encounter

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June 22, 2014 by bhunch

Its my 27th birthday and i believe i deserve a break away from WOOOORRRRKKKK!!!!!!

April when i book this trip and I only had 2months to fix my itinerary. Initially i wanted to visit Bantayan Island(Northern Part), but since we are adventurous couple I decided to take the Southern Part Route.

We arrived at the Mactan-Cebu International Airport at 8:10PM. Since we decided to go straight to our homestay in Oslob, we cross the other side of the street to take a cab going to South Bus Terminal. Fare is 220.00 (Travel is 30mins). – don’t forget to drop by to 7 11 to buy foods while travelling (which we forgot to do, inabot tuloy ng gutom)

Fee from Southbus Terminal to Oslob Cebu is 150.00/head. Travel time is long hours.

We stayed at Chateau Tan-awan, owned by  the super kind Ate Veny (click here for more info about her kindness). We arrived at their homestay at 11:30PM, imagine she waited for us until late night. She showed us our room and decided to sleep coz we want to start our tour at 6AM.

We woke up 5AM and take a bath then headed to the “daungan/sunduan” where boat will pick us up. Good thing that Ate Veny’s homestay is near to the Whaleshark Place 🙂

Upon arrival at their port we had a 5mins orientation of do’s and dont’s (we listened carefully so not to harm the whalesharks) and we paid the 500.00/head Whaleshark Experience Fee (but if you will watch only from your boat and not to do snorkling, fee is 300.00)


Then we had our life vest on (since me and my bhunch don’t know how to swim,haha). And we made “sulit” the 30mins experience.

We have a life vest that’s why we can’t go dipper but its okay, we had fun taking pictures of the whale sharks.



Yes, you saw it right, katabi ko na talaga cya magswim. ka-tense!, but boatmen said since they don’t have tooth, they don’t have tendency to eat human (buti naman).

Whale sharks are larger than life. larger than bus even.


After the 30mins encounter we went back to our homestay and gave the boatmen 100 for courteously assisting us. Ate Veny servs breakfast and to lessen the hussle we decided to order from her.

We ordered 1 longanisa and 1 bacon for 125each inclusive of coffee or tea, mango and her own made banana cake.


During our breakfast we met this “girl” sorry forgot her name, she’s a solo traveler and she wanted to join our Sumilon Trip in that morning to lessen expenses. After 30mins of rest and breakfast Ate Veny called our boatmen so we can start our tour.

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