Let’s conquer Puerto Princesa, Palawan (Underground River and Ugong Rock)

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June 2, 2014 by bhunch






We conquered Puerto Princesa, Palawan!

My bhunch deserves a treat for being a good hubby that’s why I decided to take him to Puerto Princesa Palawan on his birthday.

I booked at Cebu Pacific flight going to Palawan couple of months before his birthday. I searched for activities that’s unusual, meaning things we can add to the usual Underground River, Island Hopping and City Tour, inshort something NEW. Luckily, after months of reading I found this “something new” that I want.

Day 1(Nov. 23,Sat.): We arrived at the terminal by 5:30PM and the hotel service pick us up and drop at the hotel. Btw, we booked at Lotus Garden. Upon checked in they gave us our welcome drinks Image

Then i went to the c.r. and tadaaaa! (with matching sound effect) is this real? c.r. with trees and no roof?omg! at first I’m not comfortable but it’s a nice experience still, so I just embraced the experience.



After resting went out, ride a tricycle (less than 5mins) and had our dinner at Ka Inato. We ordered Inasal and Laing. The laing is sooo good 🙂 umami!


We are so “busog” in our 500 peso meal.

Time to rest and tomorrow is a new adventure.

Day 2(Nov.24,Sun): Underground river tour and sidetrip to Ugong Rock (excited much for the spelunking, first time to try this one)

7AM we had our breakfast in the hotel tree house. We enjoyed the fresh fruits as well as the dining experience.


8AM the tour van pick us and we headed to our tour. Going to the famous underground river is a roller coaster ride. So many humps and bumps (sabi nga ni Jomz, kasama yun sa binayaran mo,haha).

At the port our tour guide register for us and we waited her in the dock area and waited for our no. to be called. Picture taking muna.


After 30mins of waiting we went to our boat and sail,.after few minutes we landed. so excited!


We explore the place while waiting for our banca to enter the underground river (limited banca can go inside to preserve its beauty).

So alot of this animal is roaming around (keep your food away from them, as in away from them, they are snachers!)


Makikisuyo, papicture please,. (thanks kuya for the shot)


Sorry guys but can’t post a pic of the cave, my photos in the dark are not so nice :(.

Before leaving, Jomz wrote this,asus, cge sabi mo eh!


Then we had our buffet lunch (part of the tour) and rest a bit. While we’re on our way back to the hotel we decided to do a side trip to Ugong Rock (kahit ayaw ng mga kasama namin sa tour,.sorry guys) – 450php per head with complete gear, spelunking and zipline, not bad for an adventurer like us.


Safety first, we put our helmets and gloves then went to the tour.

Enjoying the duyan (from the branches of trees) and spelunking


Going up and “pinagpapawisan” feels I lose some weight.




After couple of exhibitions and stunts we finally reached the top and its time to do the zipline, first we paid for the superman position, lakas-lakasan ng loob, but ended doing the sitting position. (take note: its Jomz first time,he’s afraid of heights kasi). – our souvenir picture


I believed, this is enough for the day, time to go back to the hotel. Since we are tired and need to gain more energy for tomorrow we ate at the nearest place in the hotel “Bilao at Palayok”- Seafood and Native Restaurant (5mins walking distance).

We had Kare-kare with shanghai, barbecue and inasal(again!) then ending with gelatin.



The kare-kare is not that good but the inasal, the barbecue and the gelatin taste so great. We spent around 350 for everything, not bad. but will try something new next time we went here. Place quite “malamok” hehe.


We went back to the hotel and rest.

Goodnight guys!


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